Is Google’s Bard surreptitiously extracting data from ChatGPT? The explanation is here…

Google gave a quick response to the allegations that the artificial intelligence chatbot Bard secretly received data from ChatGPT.

A former employee’s new AI chatbot from Google Bard’s competitor receives data from ChatGPTGoogle quickly responded to the claim.

past week starting public testing Bard is also a competitor to Bing Chat, which has a license to use Microsoft’s OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. However, according to a report by The Information, former Google AI researcher Jacob Devlinbefore leaving the company recently, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai He warned that Bard was indirectly getting data from ChatGPT.

Devlin noted that the Bard development team accessed a website called ShareGPT, and ChatGPT conversations from users were then published on that site for anyone to check out. However, a Google spokesperson Chris PappasIn a quick reply via The Verge “ Bard has not been trained in any data from ShareGPT or ChatGPT” he said and flatly denied the allegation.

The Information also claimed, through anonymous sources, that Google’s Brain AI team has joined forces with DeepMind, another AI company under Alphabet.

The two groups are reportedly working on a new project codenamed Gemini, with the goal of this project being stated as to come up with a product that can compete with OpenAI’s efforts. The news seems to suggest that Google wants a backup chatbot option in case Bard efforts fall short.