Invisible creatures living on a bill: Some are not even clear what they are

This money needs to be cleared! A scientist has unearthed invisible creatures on banknotes and even on many things around us, and admitted that he has no idea what some of the “creepy and slimy-looking creatures” are.

After a recent rise in “little bugs on different objects” videos, a lab scientist reveals the hidden world of bacteria with videos that shed light on what microbes lurk in our personal belongings. by the name on TikTok @Micromani2023Shocking videos by the company show invisible germs lurking all over banknotes, phone screens and even faucets.

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Real name Amani AbdlrasulThe researcher, who has more than 60,000 followers on the platform, spends his days as a medical laboratory scientist in Tampa, Florida.

The 39-year-old scientist is in a Florida lab to identify diseases that patients may suffer from. tests about 700 samples every day.However, Amani even he was stunned by the germs he found on a $100 bill.and some unusual ‘scary and slimy microbes’ are indescribable, he says.

Amani, in her post, ” I smeared a $100 bill on blood agar and incubated for 24 hours. Some of the bacteria were Staphylococcus species. I have no idea what the creepy and slimy looking ones are. I’m ready for digital currency” said.

Staphylococcus bacteriaAlthough not usually harmful, in severe cases it can cause pneumonia, heart problems and bone infections.

In his TikTok videos, Amani also tested public toilet seats, drink machines and even phone screens for germs. As part of the test, sterile cotton buds and inoculation needles are often used to swab the samples. These are then before grown in an incubator over a 24-hour and 48-hour period. lightly rubbed on agar jelly.

Perhaps not surprisingly, harmful bacteria are found almost everywhere, even on our own skin. These bacteria are usually only pathogenic when they are in the wrong places. This is one of the biggest reasons why washing our hands is as important as all health experts point out.

Amani’s videos follow research that has previously impressively demonstrated harmful bacteria and germs on cell phone screens. In this research, while the diversity of bacteria and microbes found on screens was said to be astonishing, the importance of phone cleaning was once again emphasized.