Instagram founders open AI-powered app Artifact for everyone

The news application Artifact, designed by the founders of Instagram, is opened and used for everyone! Here are the details..

With the prominence of social media and messaging applications, internet users started to follow the news from here. For this reason, journalists have also started to produce content on platforms. For the same reason, Instagram announced its news app Artifact last month. Now, the application has been opened and used for everyone. Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

The news app Artifact is now available for everyone!

Instagram founders announced new news app Artifact in January. But since it is still new, those who want to access it have been put on the waiting list. The app is currently free for both iOS and Android users at the same time.

Aritfact interface

Artificial intelligence supported news application Artifact is similar to other applications in many areas. After the application is opened for the first time, artificial intelligence asks the user to choose 10 topics, in addition, it allows you to add your preferred news channels.

The implementation team will also present a “recommended” section for readers. At the end of the news, he will try to customize the usage with the feedback of the suggestion. In cases where it is not liked, it will work to find better news. Thus, Artifact enables users to access content in the areas they prefer.

In addition, the Artifact team does not ignore feedback for their new applications, although they are experienced and successful in Instagram. They are trying to optimize the experience by making it simpler and easier to use than other news apps.