If you like strawberries, this video might ruin your day and make you question your love

This strawberry video shot under the microscope may make you question your love if you like to eat strawberries. Here is the video that you would say “I wish I hadn’t seen”…

The video, posted by a Twitter user, may be perfect for strawberry lovers who want to ruin their day. The video shares an image of a strawberry under the microscope, and shows many small insects crawling on the surface of the strawberry.

A user said, “ you can’t trust a fruit that has no seeds ” he replied to the video, but at this point it is worth noting that they are not actually strawberry seeds. However, considering that these seed-like entities are also a separate scam, perhaps not trusting strawberries is the right decision.

When it comes to what those bugs are, unfortunately we have to say that the video is probably not fake, or at least is a very good imitation of a real video.

  • What are the white dots on strawberries? Why is the strawberry called a “false fruit”?

We can see small mites (mite) species living on strawberries and their plants in videos on many different sources on the internet. You’ve probably eaten these tiny creatures before without realizing it, and there’s no evidence that they harm your health.

Because they live only on strawberry plants and lay eggs along the veins of the leaves, this species of mite strawberry mite known as. Two-spotted spider mites, which can also live on other plants, prefer to feed on the leaves of plants close to the ground, damaging them and giving them a bronze color.