From the generation that made “hater” cool to a generation that glorifies kindness and being “uncool”… They are now changing the way we consume.

While the world is changing at an unexpected moment, at a speed we never expected, we have already started to adapt to a new order. It was just the first days when we started to feel the signals that we should all slow down, dozens of questions in my mind. Endless uncertainty about my life, work, social environment. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I was pretty sure what I didn’t want to do. Not consuming more insanely became one of the strongest of these urges. And I started to research by wondering, what will the consumption patterns of the future be like? How can we transform this for the benefit of the world and humanity, with the least harm? Although the propaganda of low consumption by someone working in the fashion industry may seem a bit ironic, we have come to the end of a system that imposes on you that you need a new outfit every season. So the big question is: what will the consumption patterns of the future be like?


It seems that 2020, which we experience with global crises, will leave behind worried minds and future concerns. As if we have never experienced these feelings before, our emotional fluctuations at their peak are now shouting that we should invest in ourselves. If you think that living well, wellness is just a big trend, you are wrong. When you do more for your body, mind and soul, which deserve more than the jade rollers you keep in your fridge, this trio will take a harmonic form. What does this mean? It means doing something to nourish yourself deep down. How many of us have devoted themselves to acrylic paint during the past quarantine and remember the depths of their souls in the transitions between colors? In a decade where we have used the word personal development and even emptied it, our personalities suffering from the development syndrome may now just want to stop and enjoy every moment they live. This is not just about doing yoga or sitting in meditation. If you’re going to consume something, it means consuming it with the awareness of how you leave behind traces. For example, let’s see how many jeans, how many white T-shirts, how many shirts, how many dresses do you have in your wardrobe? Do you need all of these? No actually, right? So, do you still buy very similar or almost identical ones? How many times do you wear the product you bought? Do you know what kind of side effects there are on nature and people while that piece is produced? Maybe it’s time to let go of the contents of that basket. It’s called quiet consumption. Consciously, without haste, to consume the result of a decision. Not only will it raise your mood for the moment, but it will be a good spender for you in the long run.

You think you will fill your soul by filling your basket, but are you aware that this is an illusion? While it takes a click for us to reach something we want at that moment, the trace it leaves behind is much bigger. Do we need all this? Can’t we live without what’s in our basket? In a world where we are treated as if we have to consume and buy, can we relish the taste of obsolete? A sense of belonging that comes with wear and tear. A jean that has been in your wardrobe for years, your favorite pen on your desk… A feeling of being satisfied with what we already have. Afterwards, every expenditure you make should be for something that works for your soul and is good. Because saving the day is not enough anymore, conscious actions shape our future.

WRITING:Serli Gazer Boyaci

Taken from the July-August issue of ELLE.