How to make a breastfeeding mother diet, what are the benefits and more…

The diet of the breastfeeding mother should be prepared with correct and balanced nutritional values. Here are the details of a healthy and breastfeeding mother’s diet list for increasing milk…

The breastfeeding mother’s diet is applied to prevent postpartum weight gain, to lose weight and to provide healthy milk flow. According to researches; Breastfeeding mothers lose weight faster than non-lactating mothers. For this reason, a balanced and healthy diet during breastfeeding supports the development of the baby and ensures that the mother receives the right amount of energy. Considering these conditions, more than one

breastfeeding mother diet

is found. These diets can generally be implemented as follows:

· Breastfeeding person should determine the nutrition routine and program according to his/her own lifestyle.

The diet should be arranged in such a way that an average of 1800-2000 calories are taken during the day.

Foods containing calcium and omega-3 must be included in the diet list. All these are important for the development of the baby’s bodily functions.

Energizing nuts such as walnuts should be added to snacks and main meals.

The diet list should be prepared in a balanced way in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrate nutritional values.

· Plenty of water should be consumed.

· The amount of daily movement should increase.

The amount of breastfeeding can be increased in line with the baby’s needs. Breastfeeding women burn an additional 500 calories per day compared to non-breastfeeding women.

Calming herbal teas that will relax the baby and the mother should be included in the program.

The stomach should be relieved by consuming 1-2 glasses of warm water before breakfast.

· There should be 3 main meals in order to prevent the breastfeeding person from getting hungry. Snacks can be applied as 3 or 4 in accordance with the breastfeeding order.

Packaged foods, fried or processed products should be kept away from the diet list.

What Are the Benefits of the Breastfeeding Mother’s Diet?
The nutrition program of the breastfeeding mother should be prepared in detail as it will be passed to the baby through milk. Therefore, it should be ensured that the prepared diet is beneficial both ways. A balanced and healthy

benefits of breastfeeding mother diet


Increases milk production.

Contributes to the development of the baby’s body functions.

Strengthens the baby’s muscle, bone, teeth and jaw structure.

It prevents the mother from gaining weight and provides balanced weight loss.

It prevents the mother and baby from experiencing digestive problems such as gas and constipation.

It ensures that the mother and baby get energy from the right foods.

Provides a comfortable breastfeeding period.

What Should a Breastfeeding Mother Eat?

breastfeeding mom diet

targets a healthy breastfeeding period. By controlling weight gain, it causes an increase in the mother’s self-confidence. For a balanced and healthy breastfeeding process, it is recommended that women consume certain foods frequently.

Foods that a breastfeeding mother can eat

is as follows:

Fresh greens,

Cereals (especially bulgur, quinoa and buckwheat),

Milk and dairy products containing high calcium,

Calming herbal teas (such as fennel and anise),

Nuts such as dried dates, walnuts and dried figs,

Balanced consumption of tahini halva (tahini halvah is a natural energizer. Consuming no more than 1 matchbox per day increases the energy of mother and baby),

· Consumption of up to 4 liters of fluid per day (water, milk, ayran, soup, kefir, herbal teas and fresh fruit juices, etc.)

What Should A Breastfeeding Mother Not Eat?
There are some foods that the breastfeeding woman should avoid for the baby’s health and easy digestion. Especially avoiding gas-producing foods will relax the baby and the mother.

Foods that a breastfeeding mother should not consume


Prepared and packaged products, frozen or processed foods,

· Delicatessen products,

Frying and excessively fatty foods,

Gas-producing legumes (such as chickpeas, dried beans),

Drinks containing caffeine and acid,

Alcohol and cigarettes,

Some herbal teas (such as green tea, white tea, rosehip, chamomile and mint tea).

Sample Breastfeeding Mother Diet List

breastfeeding mom diet

It should be prepared with the right foods and balanced nutritional values. Healthy and milk-increasing

breastfeeding mom diet list

can be prepared as follows:


1 glass of milk or 1 glass of freshly squeezed juice

1 boiled or fried egg, boiled or fried,

1 slice of feta cheese (low fat is recommended)


4-5 olives

1-2 slices of whole wheat or rye bread


1 green apple or 1 portion of dates and walnuts with recommended herbal teas


1 portion of meaty vegetables or legumes, 4 spoons of bulgur and 1 bowl of salad with walnuts and lemon added.


1 glass of banana smoothie or celery salad with yogurt or 1 matchbox of tahini halva.


1 bowl of soup, lean prepared meat dish, 1 bowl of salad prepared from seasonal greens.


1 glass of milk or 1 bowl of fruit yoghurt or 1 portion of seasonal fruit.