How to fix sleep disorder before menstrual period, listen to slow music!

Do you have sleep problems when your period is approaching? Tips that will help you sleep more comfortably during PMS period are in our content…

Hormonal changes occur in women during menstruation. With the decrease of the estrogen hormone, the happiness hormone also comes to low levels. Known as the happiness hormone, this “serotonin” hormone can cause anxiety, restlessness, fatigue and even migraine-type headaches. For this reason, we have shared a few recommendations in order to eliminate the disruptions in your sleep patterns.

Listen to slow music

Listening to slow-paced, soft music for about an hour before going to bed will help you fall asleep more easily as it will reduce your physical tension. Scientific research published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies has concluded that after listening to this type of music, sleeping will be more beneficial, more restful and more effective.

be clean

Sleeping in a clean room, on freshly washed sheets and in clean pajamas after a hot shower will improve your sleep quality. Make sure your room is well ventilated. Being in a clean and tidy place will help you feel more comfortable and safe psychologically, so you will be able to sleep better.

Harness the power of aromatherapy

A small lavender sachet that you will put in your pillow, a few drops of lavender oil that you will drip on your bed, a few drops of jasmine oil that you will smell before going to bed may also help you sleep more easily. These oils, which help you relax physically and mentally, will help you reduce the tension that may occur in your body, especially during the premenstrual period.


As bedtime approaches, sit quietly for 20-30 minutes and listen to your breathing. Concentrating only on your breathing will keep you from thinking about the past and the future and will only help you relax in the moment. A regular meditation practice will both help you feel more comfortable in the premenstrual period and make you feel more energetic in the first days of your menstrual period. If you do yoga, relaxation yoga moves that you will do before bedtime will also help.

use acupressure

Acupressure, which is based on stimulating certain points in our body and providing certain effects, has revealed that there are some points that are good for insomnia as well as for many ailments. According to this method, it is said that when you apply pressure to the point called the ‘Shen Men’ point, which is close to the outer side of your wrist, you will have a more comfortable sleep. It’s worth trying!