How should the modern city man be fed?

Specialist Dietitian İpek Ağaca gave nutritional advice to modern urban men in order to be in the ideal weight range in their busy business life and to have a healthy diet.

Although they take care to do sports, working at a desk is usually men working on the internet;

When you start your day at your workplace in the morning, start the day with a big glass of water instead of tea or coffee.

Never skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Try to consume eggs for breakfast.

If you are having your breakfast at work, choose a whole-grain sandwich with feta cheese, tomatoes and vegetables such as cucumber instead of pastry and rolls.

Eat colorful! Orange, purple, red, green, white, brown… Try to consume a small amount of fruits and vegetables of all colors every day. Remember; each color indicates different antioxidant content.

Drink 3 cups of coffee a day. Coffee speeds up metabolism, improves performance, protects against depression and contains powerful natural antioxidants. Prefer milk, not cream in your coffees; Do not use sugar.

Do not neglect your snacks during the day; Make small snacks every 3 hours. You will see that your work performance and concentration also increase.

Choose healthy snacks. For example: Fruit yoghurt or fresh fruits or oat biscuits + milk coffee or toast + buttermilk or dried fruit + milk or 2 walnuts + dried fruit or kefir + dried fruit.

Use the stairs instead of the elevator during the day.

Take a brisk walk for 1 hour every day. Walking, which is very important for maintaining your ideal weight, also protects your heart health.

In order to increase your physical activity and protect nature, try to use public transportation instead of cars.

Do not sit still at your desk for more than 2 hours. Move around the office often.

For lunch, choose places where home-cooked or grill-style foods are served instead of fast-food restaurants.

While working at the desk, you can prefer herbal teas such as white tea, chamomile tea, sage tea, lemon balm.

Avoid sodas and instant juices as drinks. Instead of these, you can choose clear tea with lemon, herbal teas, freshly squeezed fruit juice, buttermilk, milk.
Don’t let business meetings make you fat! Snacks during the meeting should consist of healthy choices. Fresh or dried fruits; Oil seeds such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds can be found on the meeting table.

2.5 liters per day. Don’t forget to drink water. Always keep water in your car, in your handbag, on your desk, on your nightstand.