GPT-4 Passed 99% of Turkey’s in the University Exam! has put GPT-4, the language model that OpenAI recently launched, to the TYT exam in 2021. Although the model was not perfect in the exam, it was seen that it performed successfully.

OpenAI, which has not fallen off the agenda with its artificial intelligence tools, has recently launched its most advanced language model, GPT-4. The new model offered for ChatGPT Plus subscribers amazed everyone with what it could do.

Now, has measured how GPT-4 will perform in a different field with a research it has done and once again showed us the development of artificial intelligence. The language model was used in the research, which is one of the exams taken by those preparing for university in our country. Basic Proficiency Test (TYT)inserted.

GPT-4 outperformed 99.50% of TYT entrants enabled the language model to solve the YKS TYT exam of 2021 through the ChatGPT Plus subscription. The artificial intelligence tool answered 40 Turkish, 20 Social Sciences, 20 Science and 40 Basic Mathematics questions in the exam. The model also explained how she answered the questions.

As a result, in the Turkish part of the model, there were 30 correct and 9 wrong answers. 27.75 net, 18 true and 1 false in Social Sciences questions 18.75 net(1 question was considered correct because it contained visuals that could not be adapted for the model).

On the other hand, in the Science department, there are 12 correct and 4 wrong answers. 13.75 net(4 questions with images counted as 3 correct and 1 incorrect), and lastly, 18 correct and 14 incorrect answers in Mathematics questions. 17.50 net(8 questions containing images were counted as 4 correct and 4 incorrect).

As a result of all these, GPT-4 got 419 points from the 2021 TYT exam. As a result of the examination of ÖSYM’s data, the model showed that the number of people who took the exam in that year in Turkey with this score was determined. Better than 99.50% and can enter the top 10,000 showed. Let’s add that around 2 million 416 thousand people took the exam.

If you want to examine the research done by the geek in detail to the link hereyou can click.