Google’s new feature will prevent fraudsters

Google Voice will label the new calls it finds particularly suspicious in red! Here are the details…

Google announced a new feature that provides security for its users in a post it shared yesterday. According to the new feature, Google Voice will automatically tag calls it thinks come from suspicious numbers. So, what will this feature do and how will it be used? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Google Voice will block suspicious calls

According to the news shared by Google, Google Voice now detects suspicious calls on the screen. red will mark as . The technology giant announced that this feature will work like the artificial intelligence support used for Pixel phones. Searches that appear suspicious and tagged in red will appear on the screen and in the call history.

Red label warning that appears on the screen when you receive a call from a suspicious number

Google Voice users will have the ability to block incoming calls from red-labeled numbers. Blocked numbers that will be transferred directly to voicemail will be removed from the call history and go to the spam box.

In addition, suspicious-looking but suspicious non- will be able to indicate calls by Google Vocie users. In this way, they will continue to communicate seamlessly with the calls they want to receive. The new Google Voice feature will be gradually rolled out to all users starting today. After two weeks, it will be open to everyone.

To activate the new feature for Google Voice, it is enough to follow these steps:

  • Settings
  • Security
  • Filter spam

Suspicious searches will appear in red when the filter here is turned off. When it is on, all calls are automatically forwarded to voicemail and go to the spam box.

Technology giant Google wants to prevent people calling from untrustworthy numbers and fraudsters in this way. In this way, it will ensure the safety of users.

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