Google Messages is updating! Here’s what’s new

Google Messages; Improved emojis, voicemail and gallery area! Here are the details for innovations…

Google Messages offers many innovations. Google Messages, which makes more ‘improvements’ for the application this time compared to previous updates; It aims to improve the user experience for emojis, voice messages and gallery. So, what’s new for Google Mesas? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Google Messages expands on emojis

Google Messages expands emoji support with the latest update. The technology giant introduced the ability to add emoticons to messages two years ago. But it hasn’t made any improvements to it since then.

Google is now increasing support for 7 emoji for Messages. Google Messages users will now add emoticons to messages with other emojis by swiping apart from the specified emojis.

The technology giant is also making an improvement for Google Messages users who want to send voice messages but are afraid of it. A Google Messages user who doesn’t have time to type or is in a noisy environment will automatically convert audio to text using the Transcription feature. The developers explain that this feature works mostly correctly, but is not fast enough yet.

Even the following statement was made on the subject:

Transcripts can be helpful when voicemail audio isn’t clear or listening isn’t an option. Voice messages are only transcribed on your device and the transcript content is not sent to Google. Manage anytime in settings”.

Google Messages also adds an improvement for the gallery entered for shared images. Google Messages users will now see photos vertically thanks to the new design. Thanks to the vertical design, users will be able to navigate through photos more practically and see more images at the same time.

What do you, our readers, think about this issue? How did you find the innovations for Google Messages and what are your expectations? You can express your views in the Comments section.