Google Bard Allegedly Trained with ChatGPT

There has been a remarkable development regarding Google’s chat bot Bard. It was claimed that one of the developers at Google resigned after he discovered that this artificial intelligence was trained with data from ChatGPT. Although Google denies the allegations, OpenAI and Google have come face to face.

US-based tech giant Google, about a week ago bard“, opened the chat bot he named into early access. Bard, an artificial intelligence tool similar to ChatGPT, has been used for a while. However, this tool is a Google caused the crisis looks like. Let’s take a look at what happened.

According to The Information, one of Google’s leading artificial intelligence researchers has obtained striking information about Bard. Allegedly, Google’s chatbot was originally launched by OpenAI. Trained with data from ChatGPT . In other words, Google actually offered a real copy of ChatGPT to users. This situation was critical for Google. Because such a thing is real, for OpenAI it was a violation . Even Microsoft got a license while making use of the artificial intelligence tool of OpenAI, of which it is an investor.

Google denied the allegations!

Google spokesperson Chris Pappas, who made a statement to The Verge on the subject, made these claims. completely rejected . In the statement, ” With any data from Bard, ShareGPT or ChatGPT not trained.The spokesperson, who used the expressions, declined to say more.

There is another strange issue here. Allegedly, Jacob Devlin also left his position at Google immediately after he left. Within OpenAI He began work. Some sources claim that after Devlin’s warnings, Google gave up on ChatGPT-based training. In the coming days, there will be a huge discussion between Google and OpenAI. the litigation processWe can testify.