Good news for those who use incognito tab: Google announced the expected feature!

Google has announced that it has rolled out the ability to require fingerprints to access incognito mode in the Chrome Android app.

The engine of digital transformation is one of the most important tools to access the internet. in browsers There is an incognito mode feature for users who are concerned about privacy. If you use browsers using this mode, other people using the same device cannot see your history. It also doesn’t save browsing data or information entered in forms. GoogleA new feature that ‘s recently introduced for the Android version further increases the security of users using incognito tabs.

Fingerprint verification good news for Google Chrome Android

Google, Chrome Androidto access incognito mode in the app enforcing fingerprint announced the launch of the feature. First available for the iOS version in early 2021, this feature is available after opening the internet browser. to incognito tabsrequires a fingerprint to access and takes the security of users concerned about their privacy to the next level.

To activate this feature, you must first turn on the Lock Incognito Tabs option when you exit Chrome Settings > Privacy and security > Chrome. After following these steps, your incognito tabs are locked when you exit the browser and when you want to log in again, you are asked for fingerprint verification.

It should be noted that Google is also considering Android phones that do not have the fingerprint reading feature. Because at this point incognito mode PIN withalso locking You have the opportunity. The new feature, which has been under development since last year, is now available to a limited number of users. It will be made available to the general public in the coming periods.

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