Foods to avoid on a first date

You will meet the person you like for the first time and if you don’t want to affect the other person negatively, you should not even think about some foods.

There are certain foods that should never be eaten with the person you are meeting for the first time. You should definitely stay away from oily, spicy and garlic-like things. Instead of the foods we mentioned, it will be more comfortable if you eat more grainy, easy-to-eat food. Here are foods that should never be eaten on a first date…


We all love pasta. But when we eat pasta, our mouths may be covered with oil and we may look different to the other person. So unfortunately, stay away from pasta as well.


One of the foods you should avoid on a first date is a huge hamburger. Eating the hamburger with your hands may adversely affect the other party.

Pita, kebab, lahmacun

Foods such as pita, lahmacun and kebab are very good. But you don’t want to have a different taste and smell in your mouth on the first date. So stay away from such foods.

Dishes with onions and garlic

Foods with onions and garlic are fragrant foods that we should not eat on the first date. We should also stay away from dishes with “onion and garlic sauce”.

Salad, parsley

While greens are very healthy foods, they stay between your teeth and are therefore the archenemy of a mouthful of laughter, and this shouldn’t be on the first date.

Spicy and spicy foods

Even though we love bitter and spice, the person in front of us may not like it. Also, we don’t want any trouble with our stomach or digestive system on the first date.

Haricot bean

Although it is one of the most famous dishes of our country, it is one of the negative effects of dry beans to disturb the stomach and cause gas. Therefore, we recommend that you do not choose dry beans to make you feel more comfortable.