Fall in love with yourself on the first date!

You have made a contract with the person you like for the first date and you want to fall in love with yourself that day, then do not miss the items we have mentioned..

If you want to enchant that handsome man you like with your beauty on the first date, you are in the right place.

First of all, never choose a perfume that is too heavy. You may prefer a light summer scent. If you apply the perfume you will use behind your ear and on your hair, it will be more permanent.

Brush-like eyelashes do not produce a pleasant effect. Don’t overdo your mascara, create a natural look

If you are going to use foundation, you should choose the color that best suits your skin tone and distribute it well. Especially under the chin. Men hate foundations that look like masks on the face. While buying foundation, try it on your wrist to determine the most suitable color for your skin.

Another situation that has a negative effect on you is lipstick smeared on your teeth. Be very careful about this, check your teeth after applying your lipstick!

If your lover is a rocker, you can choose bold nail polish colors such as black and burgundy. But if not, use more natural tones.

Do not overdo your makeup with the excitement of the first date. Remember, men generally favor naturalness.

Use the hand cream a few times before the meeting, considering the contact of your hand with his. Considering later meetings, it is best to apply hand cream every night before going to bed.

Just for the sake of this meeting, do not fall into the mistake of “would I be more beautiful if I thinned my eyebrows a little more”! Go the way he first saw you. But of course, remove the excess without disturbing the eyebrow shape.

Don’t let the pimples get on your nerves, use concealer. When using your concealer, do not apply it in a thick layer at once, apply it in thin layers. Put your powder on it.

If you have a habit of biting nails, you can handle the situation with artificial or silicone nails for this meeting. But for a more natural look, do not use these nails too long and do not apply nail polish in assertive colors.

Do not use auto-bronzer if you have never tried it before. Because the wrong use of this product can cause bad results such as creating a light and dark skin color in the area you apply and you may have to postpone this big meeting. If you want to look bronze, choose to use shimmery bronze powder.

Treat your hair to look brighter and more beautiful. Avoid excessive jelly, just in case; otherwise his hand may be stuck in your hair.

If you have sensitive skin, don’t do hair removal right before a date. Because the redness that occurs will create an unpleasant appearance.

You may not want to eat anything from excitement. But do not forget that because of bad breath, the person in front of you may suddenly become colder than you. Brush your teeth with a refreshing mint paste and chew gum that whitens the teeth until the meeting.

Everything went very well and unfortunately it was time to leave. The little kiss you put on your cheek really left a lasting impression. Because your lipstick was sticky on his face. If you do not want to face such a scenario, after applying your lipstick, kiss the back of your hand or with the help of a selpak.