excuses to text ex girlfriend

Do you use excuses to talk to your ex again? We’ve put together some of the most common excuses for texting your ex. Maybe you don’t realize how dire and deplorable the situation looks when you write it, but when you read it, you will understand how it looks.

Here are the frequently used excuses to text your lover….

Messages sent with the excuse of “I saw you in my dream, I was wondering”

Even if you really dreamed “you were jumping off a cliff in my dream, are you okay?” It is very childish behavior to send such messages. As I said, even if you really see it, it’s so clichéd, it’s never believable.

Messages on special days

Stop celebrating your ex’s special days such as oil lamps or holidays. As if months have been waiting for that day. If you also wrote a mass message under the message, your ex really laughed. Don’t.

Messages starting with “If you don’t send this message to 10 people…”

Do not send such messages to anyone, not just your ex. Please do not believe such nonsense!

Messages with the theme “I sent it by mistake”

Stop the messages you send by making up lies such as “My cousin had the phone, he dropped it”. No one believes such mistakes. What era are we in, so don’t do it guys, you look very funny.

Messages sent as if you are a close friend

Messages that are sent by lying on bro’s feet as if everything is normal after breaking up are usually offensive to men. Keep your distance.

“I didn’t recognize the number, who are you?” messages in the form

Even though you broke up, your ex may one day want to ask you a question. When that day comes, it would be a very wrong behavior to display arrogant attitudes and send the message “I deleted your number and I have already forgotten it”.