Earthquake and child

A little article about explaining the earthquake to children…

We are in a process that is much more difficult to make sense of for children living outside the earthquake zone. Therefore; I felt the need to give a brief briefing on how this process should be explained to children.

In the light of the events, I advise you to give a simple, short and clear explanation to the children.

I would like to share a few more important information with you.

– Don’t let them be exposed to the visuals

– Be sure to answer their questions

– Explaining this issue to them will prevent their anxiety levels from increasing because it is talked about with them. It would be much more accurate to share such information from their own parents in their own safe space.

– Events such as earthquakes continue for a while and do not end immediately, as their aftershocks continue. Even if the visuals on the agenda decrease over time, the conversations will continue. That’s why we must continue to be careful to protect our children during the process.

Do not forget that there is an ongoing trauma in the earthquake area, so our children still need protection from this agenda.

I wanted to share with you. Congratulations to all of us.