Does your girlfriend want to marry you? If he doesn’t avoid touching you….

If your boyfriend practices certain behaviors, your relationship is a healthy one.

In order for the relationship to progress in a healthy way, some conditions must be fulfilled. Of course, love and respect are at the forefront of these conditions. If there is no love and respect, this relationship is wrong from the beginning. When love ends in a relationship, various problems begin to arise on both sides. If you think that your boyfriend’s love for you is over, pay attention to these behaviors.

Does he show you interest and love?

If your boyfriend really likes you, he will be interested in you. He cannot hide his interest. He respects your opinions even when he disagrees with you. He pays attention to your likes or dislikes and caters to your needs as best he can. He wonders what you like or dislike, and tries to learn.

must make sacrifices

If your boyfriend respects you, he will make some sacrifices even though you don’t demand it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small sacrifice like going to a movie that doesn’t interest him much but that he knows you like, or a bigger sacrifice; Behaving like this shows that your boyfriend really loves you. True sacrifice does not mean “If you do this for me, I will do this for you”. This is not a negotiation. In differences of opinion, you should consider whether he insists on getting his ideas accepted or whether he is trying to understand yours as well.

If he does not avoid touching

People show their love by touching. Many people who are in love also feel the need to touch the person they care about without being sexual. Touching in front of others is a way of showing love to others and shows the world that this person cares about you.

If he introduces you to his relatives

If your boyfriend doesn’t want to bring you together with his family and friends but just keeps it to himself, it means he doesn’t really like you. Because if he truly loves you, he would want you to be in every aspect of his life. He would want his other loved ones to get to know you too.

If he avoids upsetting you

Sometimes people claim that they do hurtful things “out of love”. If your boyfriend says such a thing to you, it indicates danger. Recognize the potential of the relationship to be an abusive one and seek help. Abusive behavior is not limited to physical violence. If your boyfriend really loves you, he won’t treat you with respect, humiliate, name names, or belittle your achievements. It stays away from the movements that you do not want and do not like.