Do not marry men who have these habits!

If the man you are planning to marry has any of these traits, think again. Women often think that they will get better after marriage and may not even realize that they are deceiving themselves. So lift the curtain from your eyes and give your attention here, the situation is dire..

I love you even more than my mother;

Avoid as much as possible from a man who says he loves you more than his mother, because men will leave you at the first stop and run away.

most handsome man

Would you marry the most handsome man you have ever seen in your life? Think carefully and decide carefully. This type of handsome man is quite fond of his flirtatiousness and the attention of women to them. And a long association with such men is quite difficult.

overly traditional

If he is too attached to his traditions and is trying to adapt you to his traditions, or even forcing you, it would be useful to think again. How can you deal with a man who is trying to change you?

critic about everything

A man who criticizes about everything looks for flaws even in your positive aspects. In this case, it makes you feel worthless and can tire your relationship. Stay away from these types of men.

The man who doesn’t care about special days

A man who does not care about special days and does not know how to make his partner happy with even a small gesture is a clearly thoughtless man. For centuries, men have not known that the way to make women happy is through little surprises. Grass came, straw went.

with bad habits

If you gamble or drink before you get married, if you are a man who is involved with women, and if you think that he will get better after marriage, you can only console yourself. No, they don’t change when they get married. You deceive yourself and only ruin your life.