Delicatessen products cause premature menopause!

You may not be worried about menopause because you’re young, but it can happen one day when you least expect it. Here are the causes of early menopause!

Although it may seem like something to worry about in older ages, you may face menopause at an unexpected age range. At this point, the first thing you will do is “What causes early menopause? What are the causes of early menopause?” will be to seek answers to questions such as. As, we have brought together the reasons for entering early menopause in order not to fall into this situation. In the future, you can take a look at these reasons if this situation does not shock you.

Delicatessen products cause early menopause

Although this is a sad substance, consuming delicatessen products is among the news of early menopause. Although it is quite delicious, it is necessary to reduce these products as much as possible to prevent early menopause! Delicatessen products contain chemicals called nitrates and nitrites, which cause hormonal causes.

harmful habits

If you have harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol, you may face one of the very valid reasons for early menopause. Those who use alcohol and cigarettes have a very high risk of early menopause. These habits contain chemical compounds that increase chromosomal abnormalities by reducing the quality of the ovaries and embryo. It causes the acceleration of the menopause process by changing the normal of estrogen and progesterone.

Thyroid sufferers beware!

Thyroid glands, which affect the vital processes of the body, are very important in terms of hormone distribution and use. It affects the reproductive health of the thyroid negatively and causes an increase in the risk of early menopause.

Surgery is also a cause of early menopause!

Some surgeries accelerate women’s early menopause. This surgery is especially ovarian and uterine surgeries. It lowers estrogen and progesterone levels. In this case, the probability of fertility also decreases.