ChatGPT will get closer to “being human” with the arrival of GPT-5

ChatGPT will have taken a giant step towards “being human” when its next update, GPT-5, is released.

A few weeks ago, ChatGPT received a major update with GPT-4, and the AI ​​chatbot gained impressive additional capabilities. OpenAI is already working on the next major software update for ChatGPT and GPT-5 will reportedly be available this winter. If what has been said about GPT-5’s capabilities is true, Open AI may be about to reach a crucial milestone for ChatGPT. Productive AI after GPT-5 upgrade Once it reaches artificial general intelligence (AGI), it can become indistinguishable from a human.

This achievement can be both incredibly exciting and frightening, as we do not understand what AGI is capable of. Even if GPT-5 makes ChatGPT indistinguishable from a human, it will surpass the data processing and content creation capabilities of the human mind.

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The GPT-4 update has given ChatGPT tremendous new powers over the previous version, making the chatbot an even better tool. Generative AI supports multi-modal input. That is, you can feed it through text and images to create a response. It also supports multiple languages ​​and can also connect to the live internet via plugins.

In addition, GPT-4 surpasses the capabilities of the previous version and passes most exams with great success.

Developer Siqi Chen , said on Twitter that he learned that the training of the GPT-5 will be completed this December. Developer, ” OpenAI is waiting for it to reach AGI” he wrote and continued: “ That means we’ll debate hotly whether it actually achieves AGI. This means it will reach.

When AI reaches AGI, it will resemble a human in understanding concepts and tasks. So, it will be able to reason like a human and after the GPT-5 update, chatting with ChatGPT will be like talking to a human.

As we don’t have an AGI model to compare ChatGPT to, all of this is just speculation for now. Before the software update is ready, it will be too soon for OpenAI to demonstrate or discuss GPT-5 capabilities.

Regardless of whether it reaches AGI or not, GPT-5 will offer better features than GPT-4, which is already a pretty impressive ChatGPT upgrade. While we don’t know what these features are at the moment, it can be predicted that they will at least cover basic capabilities such as more query input methods and faster results finding. Also, GPT-5 can help with even more complex tasks like writing better code.

However, all of these abilities are just speculation at the moment. As ChatGPT evolves and approaches AGI, what the negative consequences of this development might be is a major concern. While it is certain that ChatGPT’s reaching AGI will have positive aspects, we cannot fully predict its negative effects. 1,000 signed open letters to developersone of the best proofs of that.

There’s no need to panic just yet, as for now there’s no sign that we’re in a sci-fi movie where AI is about to rise and take control of humanity. But the rise of AI is starting to worry many organizations, including Europol. Criminals didn’t reach AGI to achieve their goals They are already able to harness the powers of the ChatGPT version.