ChatGPT Saved A Dog’s Life

A man who took his dog to the vet decided to seek help from GPT-4 when his furry friend couldn’t be diagnosed. According to the claim of a man named Cooper, the disease that the veterinarian could not detect was pinpointed by GPT-4.

A recently launched AI-based language model GPT-4 There has been a remarkable development. A user on Twitter claimed that this artificial intelligence saved his dog’s life. According to user “Cooper” vet couldn’t find The disease was detected by artificial intelligence. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting claim.

According to the user’s post on Twitter border collie A dog of the breed was taken to the vet after he fell ill. The veterinarian, who examined the dog, said that a tick-borne disease had occurred and started treatment. This treatment was good for the dog named Sassy. However, after a while, the situation changed. The animal was in worse condition than before. Cooper said he took his pet back to the vet, this time with extensive blood tests. unable to diagnoseexpressed.

The user who explained the issue to GPT-4 got the right result

The man who felt sorry for his little friend, using GPT-4 ChatGPT Plus He told her about his experiences. Cooper explained to Sassy that he was first diagnosed with babesiosis, treated, and that this treatment gave results in the first stage. In the next stage, the dog’s health worsened and your gums are pale told. Continuing to tell the story, the man also gave the results of the blood tests done to Sassy to the artificial intelligence.

After GPT-4 learned the whole story, the treatment didn’t work, but the main reason it did so was because of the dog. another disease Said it could be. In this process, GPT-4, which emphasizes several times that it is not a veterinarian, again DESTRUCTION or AIHA diseases will cause these problems, he said. GPT-4, though saying that the veterinarian will make the most accurate diagnosis.He stated that the animal should be treated as soon as possible.

A different vet agreed with GPT-4: The dog’s disease was IMHA

Cooper says he went to a different vet with the information he got from GPT-4 and explained the situation. The tests carried out He justified GPT-4 . Sassy was afflicted with IMHA.

But ChatGPT using GPT-3.5 failed to diagnose correctly!

While the dog’s treatment continues, Cooper uses the GPT-3.5 model this time. ChatGPT He wondered if he could make the correct diagnosis. Telling the story to ChatGPT as it happened, Cooper did not get the answer he wanted. Artificial intelligence, could not make the correct diagnosis . This was a clear indication of how much better GPT-4 was than GPT-3.5. However, let us emphasize once again that neither GPT 4 nor any other artificial intelligence can be used for the definitive diagnosis of any disease. For the most accurate diagnosis, we need to trust doctors and veterinarians.

To Cooper’s Twitter flood hereavailable via the link.