ChatGPT Completely Banned In A Country For The First Time

Italy’s Data Protection Authority (GPDP) has decided to block the popular chatbot ChatGPT. There are several valid reasons for the decision that put OpenAI in trouble.

One of the most popular artificial intelligence tools of recent times ChatGPT There has been a remarkable development. Italy’s Data Protection Authority (GPDP) states that ChatGPT has nationwide access. ordered the ban . If OpenAI does not follow Italy’s orders, Italian internet users will no longer be able to access this artificial intelligence tool. So what happened when the Italian government came face to face with OpenAI?

In the statement made by GPDP, OpenAI’s user data illegally collected specified. Moreover, OpenAI had no justification for collecting user data. As such, GPDP means OpenAI either stops collecting data from users in Italy or should withdraw from the country.states.

Concern for underage children

User data isn’t the only issue Italian authorities have with OpenAI and ChatGPT. In the statements made by GPDP, ChatGPT under 18 years old It is stated that it does not have any features to protect individuals. So, while all this is going on, we are using OpenAI. what awaits?

According to Italian law, with this ban decision, a 20-day countdown has begun for OpenAI. This is the company within 20 days It should follow the GPDP’s instructions and inform the institution of what it is doing. Otherwise, OpenAI remains closed to the Italian government. for 20 million euros (or 4 percent of annual turnover) will have to pay a fine. It is not known for now what OpenAI will do about the issue.

Italy doesn’t like chatbots in general

Italy’s attitude towards chatbots is not just ChatGPT. The government a few months ago replica banned a chatbot called . In fact, there was one side where the Italian government was right. So much so that with the characters created in Replika obscene chats could be done. The developer team disabled this feature in the next process. In fact, it faced the reaction of users just for this reason. It seems that we will talk about such issues frequently in the coming periods.