How Can We Hear Our Own Voice We Hear Inside?

Have you ever “heard” you talking in your head? If your answer is yes, it means you are experiencing the phenomenon called inner monologue. The internal monologue, popularly known as the inner voice, is another magnificent mechanism of our brain that enables us to think in words.

What is a positron, what does it do, where is it used?

We know more or less what electron, proton and neutron are, but have you ever heard of the positron? Considered as the first important example of the concept of a positively charged lepton and antiparticle, tomography devices using positrons enable the hidden tumours in our body to be revealed. Let’s see what a positron is, what it does, where it is used in all details.

11 Great Turkish Scientists That Should Never Be Forgotten

There are many Turkish scientists who lived in our recent history and are still alive. What they all have in common is that they are people who grew up in these lands and shape science with their work. Do we know who they are and what they do?