GPT-5 Might Be Indistinguishable From Human

Exciting and frightening information has begun to emerge about GPT-5, which will be OpenAI’s next language model. It was claimed that the new model could have abilities indistinguishable from humans by reaching the level of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

3 crimes ChatGPT can help criminals

Artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT suddenly entered our lives and simply added color. But there is also an unseen, dark side. And that’s the potential for services like ChatGPT to help criminals.

Google Bard Allegedly Trained with ChatGPT

There has been a remarkable development regarding Google’s chat bot Bard. It was claimed that one of the developers at Google resigned after he discovered that this artificial intelligence was trained with data from ChatGPT. Although Google denies the allegations, OpenAI and Google have come face to face.