oil lamp recipe

Kandil means; To share means to share what you have, to feed the hungry. We have a delicious oil lamp bagel recipe that you can easily prepare and share on this blessed oil lamp day. You can make it with sesame or black cumin…

Morning for breakfast: Yeast-free bagel recipe

To increase our energy in cold weather, we consume more carbohydrates and turn to pastries more. We decided to bring a flavor that we like to consume with jam or honey, especially at breakfast, to your tables on your getaway days.

Dipping: Beetroot dip sauce recipe

How would you like to put the beet, one of the healthiest root vegetables of the winter months, into a form that will especially be liked by children? The dip sauce, which you can serve as a delicious snack with crispy tortilla chips or vegetables, is nutritious.

For those who eat healthy: Baked onion ring recipe

Eating our favorite snacks shouldn’t be a guilt-ridden experience. While it can be difficult to choose healthy snacks, there are a variety of options to choose from, especially considering it’s a quick way to quench hunger pangs.

For pasta lovers: Creamless mushroom pasta recipe

As the COVID-19 pandemic is on the rise again, it leaves us no choice but to be safe in our own homes. And this can still be turned into a joyful time. One of the things we can definitely try is fun weekend recipes. Manta without cream…

Recipe for celery stalk salad with orange sauce

If you want to innovate salads, which are the healthiest complement to dinner, we have a delicious and nutritious recipe. Consisting mostly of winter vegetables and fruits, this salad takes a classic table to a different level with its visuality.

Nutritious winter drink: Pumpkin soup with lentils

You can protect the health of yourself and your loved ones by making pumpkin, which is one of the abundant vegetables of the winter months, even more nutritious. This soup, which will help warm you up especially in harsh weather, will strengthen your immunity.

lamb shank stew recipe

Since some dishes are costly, we may be a little more hesitant while cooking. But we would like to serve nice meals on special occasions or days. In such cases, you will be happy with this delicious lamb shank recipe that will come to your rescue and make your guests feel special.

Hazelnut cream supangle recipe

For more energy in winter days, we turn to sweets more. It is not known whether it is because of the feature of raising our body temperature or because we love it, but especially chocolate desserts attract our attention more.