Battery drain, overheating and more: iOS 16.4 came with its problems

iOS 16.4, the latest iOS version released by Apple, seems to have brought some important problems along with innovations. Users shared their complaints on social media…

iPhone users, Apple’s new iOS 16.4 updatereports that it has a negative impact on battery life. Among the complaints are even allegations that the charge runs out in a few hours.

This issue is presumed to be caused by a system error. Complaints have started flooding Twitter in the past few days, with users claiming that the latest iOS 16.4 upgrade has reduced their iPhone’s ability to hold a charge.

But the only problem does not seem to be experienced in charging. One social media user says that his device is experiencing heating problems, while another complains that his phone cannot connect to Siri.

In the tweet above, ” Anyone else having an overheating issue with their #iPhone after the latest updates? It stops charging while the battery is charging and says it will continue charging when it cools down‘ he is writing.

Another user says: Battery drains fast after iOS 16.4 update and Siri is having connection problem. Waiting for an update as soon as possible to fix this issue.

How to protect iPhone battery health?

  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Your device is designed to perform well in temperatures between 16°C and 22°C. Temperatures above 35°C can permanently damage battery life.
  • Remove very thick cases when charging: It is recommended to remove the cases as excessive heat will be generated during charging. Overheating can also cause the device to shut down unexpectedly.
  • Update to the latest software:Apple updates often contain energy-saving technologies.
  • Do not fully charge or completely discharge the device:Charging between about 60 percent and 80 percent helps preserve the battery life of the device.