Artificial Intelligence to Recolor Your Drawings from Adobe

Adobe has introduced its new artificial intelligence that will color all vector files in the style you want. The technology within the Firefly family will be available to beta users “soon”.

While productive artificial intelligences such as Midjourney and ChatGPT have begun to shape the whole world, giant companies have accelerated their work on this subject. One of these companies is Adobewas.

Adobe, which has managed to set the standards of the graphic world in particular, said last week. firefly He announced his new family of productive artificial intelligence, which he called ‘. Today, a new technology has been added to this family.

We will be able to recolor vectors:

The new technology showcased in this week’s broadcast of the weekly Adobe Firefly live stream meetups, ” Recolor vectors It bears the name ”. Artificial intelligence, as the name suggests, uses the vectors you have with the “.svg” extension. recolors.

Artificial intelligence, of course, does not randomly present colors. After uploading a .svg file to the platform, color theme selections appear. You can paint the vector in accordance with ready-made color palettes such as pop-art, yellow taxi, neon lights and multicolored galaxy.

How to access Adobe Firefly?

Launched on March 23, Adobe Firefly is not yet publicly available. To provide access to artificial intelligence technologies that are undergoing testing, a Your Adobe subscription needs to be found. If you are a member, you can apply for the beta program of the project by clicking this link.

The vector coloring technology, which has joined the Firefly family, is not yet available for beta users.