Artificial Intelligence Support Comes to Microsoft’s Security Software

In an announcement made today, Microsoft announced that it has brought artificial intelligence support to all of its corporate security software. Moreover, this artificial intelligence model will take its power from ChatGPT-4.

What Microsoft has done with OpenAI in the past months multi million dollar“After the deal Office Applications, Dynamics 365, bing and even Skype was announced to have artificial intelligence support. The new target of the company, which wants to take almost every product to the next level by using artificial intelligence models, was security systems.

Microsoft announced today that they have brought artificial intelligence model support that leverages the power of ChatGPT-4 to the security tools it offers for companies.

Although it is successful in many areas, it can sometimes give incorrect information.

Microsoft announces innovations in security tools Microsoft Secure In the announcement made within the scope of the event, it was announced that ChatGPT-4 support was brought to many software used in the fields of Information Technologies and Software Security and used in the security of internal and external servers. Thanks to this support, users will be able to easily solve the threats and problems they encounter. Also, users current state of the systemsecurity measures against incoming attacks, software and hardware supportand will be able to use this system for information purposes.

Microsoft officials state that they use a customized version of ChatGPT-4 in the security area of ​​the system in their presentation and the video they shared. However, the system is still in the testing phase. sometimes giving wrong informationThe officials clearly state that the system in the testing phase can develop rapidly by providing feedback such as “Relevant”, “Irrelevant” or “Missing” to the answers given by the artificial intelligence model.

In addition, since this artificial intelligence model will be completely dependent on security applications, in the event of a cyber attack, the artificial intelligence model will be able to automatically present the fastest solution to employees by detecting the possible size and type of the attack. In future versions It is aimed that artificial intelligence will automatically respond to these threats and secure the system with instant decisions..

While Microsoft Security CoPilot, which is still in the testing phase, is expected to be available to all users soon, a similar system will be available soon. It is claimed that Windows 11 will also be added to the firewall.