Artificial Intelligence Projects Developed with NVIDIA Cards

NVIDIA is one of the technology companies that enables the development and rapid operation of artificial intelligence applications. Moreover, thanks to CUDA and tensor cores, artificial intelligence projects can run very quickly on NVIDIA-based systems.

Most of us admire NVIDIA-based cards. Thanks to these cards high FPS and have a smooth gaming experience. There is also the other side of the matter, which is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence projects by NVIDIA so that you can developYou need to take advantage of the Jetson family.

The Jetson family; high performance, low power consumption and artificial intelligence projects NVIDIA-based electronic boards created to develop It allows us to do intro, intermediate and advanced projects as in graphics cards. Let’s examine the artificial intelligence projects created using the Jetson family.

The future is exciting, at the beginning of this excitement there are undoubtedly autonomous vehicles. With the NVIDIA Jetson family, autonomous vehicles can be developed.

While driving, there is now artificial intelligence as a driver. Examines, interprets and applies the environment. In NVIDIA-based systems, these tools perform self-lane tracking and object detection after various artificial intelligence codes. After performing takes its own decisionand implements.

This process is the image of the environment we view with the camera. image processingAnd deep learning It takes place with the result of the models trained with the models. Today, if processing is done on a data obtained from the camera, image processing is the basis of this.

If operations such as object detection and lane tracking are carried out, this is provided by deep learning and machine learning models. These models are multiple related image. created as a result of training. In other words, even if a red light detection is to be made, it consists of thousands of red light images. cluster is trainedand the model is revealed.

Autonomous drones are now responding to forest fires. Artificial intelligence notifies the fire department if there is a fire.

Autonomous drones that take off from time to time detect fire early thanks to artificial intelligence. Besides Onlyfire detection, but also these systems coordinate information notifies the fire department. Imagine that you are in the forest and your phone line is not working. At this point, thanks to drones, fire can be heard and early intervention is made.

Pixel concept is defined as the smallest unit of structure in an image. inside the pixels to RGB color format There are various numbers. The pixel in the color image holds 3 different numbers in a string. For example, consisting of (255,0,0) values Color of 1 pixel it is red. Especially in fire detection operations to pixel densitiesdetection is performed.

Thus, various calculations are made according to the pixel densities of the fire and smoke in the environment, and as a result, by using drones with NVIDIA-based systems, fire early detection systemscan be developed.

Thanks to smart refrigerators, the freshness of fruits and vegetables can be understood.

Thanks to NVIDIA-based artificial intelligence systems, a fruit or vegetable state of deterioration We can observe and gain early knowledge. Moreover, the health of the fruit or vegetable is displayed in percent.

In order to develop the project, 3 different deep learning models were used. educating necessary: ​​the first is a set of fruits in normal condition; the other, close to breakdowna cluster of fruits and the last one is spoiled of fruit or vegetablestraining is carried out with the set.

As a result of this from statistics and mathematics using percentages. Accordingly, we can learn how many percent of a fruit is in normal condition or how much of a vegetable is rotten, thanks to artificial intelligence in refrigerators.

While doing fitness training, don’t worry about which set and repetition you are in. Artificial intelligence gives you the information of your set and repetition.

The artificial intelligence model can interpret the movements of your arm and count which repetition you are in for you. Also, the movement do it rightYou can also find out that you didn’t.

Completely done here depends on your arm movements Calculating and interpreting the distance between the arm and the wrist in percent. When you lift your dumbbells correctly and fully, the artificial intelligence can count your repetitions by itself.

Do you like playing chess? Then you are welcome to play against artificial intelligence.

Another project developed on NVIDIA-based systems is against you artificial intelligence playing chess! Moreover, it is very difficult to beat. The artificial intelligence system in the chess game is a little different. Each opponent has 16 different pieces. Among these stones, we have stone groups with 6 different tasks. Each group of gems is trained in the NVIDIA Jetson family with deep learning models based on playing situations, tasks, and opponent diversity.

The frustrating part is training the model. after it’s over then it starts. almost a backgammonthe chessboard after each match under your armpitYou can take.

Of course, it is not limited to this extent. There are many more projects in our life. Some directly affect our lives, while others affect our lives indirectly.