Are the dreams for Apple’s expected device left for another spring?

According to the famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, dreams may be delayed once again for the AR / MR title of the company, which returns to the snake story.

Earlier this week, Apple held its annual WWDC 2023 developers conference. announced that it will be held on 5-9 June . Many people in the industry He predicts that this event will be where Apple will finally officially unveil its long-in-development mixed reality headset. . However, a new statement by the famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that we still do not have to come to a firm conclusion on this issue.

In a Twitter post, Kuo said, “ Not too optimistic about Apple’s announcement of an AR/MR headset that will recreate the stunning ‘iPhone moment’ ” he claims. Among some of the reasons behind this is that the title ” compromising some hardware features ” as well as the slowing global economic situation. Other issues include the need for a robust app ecosystem to be built for the title, and its high price, which Kuo says could rise above $4,000. Also about the title within the company It is known that there was some unrest.

Kuo also says that mass production of the title could be delayed for another month or two and not happen until the middle or end of the third quarter of 2023. The analyst estimates that only between 200,000 and 300,000 titles will be produced by the end of the year, well below previous estimates of 500,000 units.

Assuming these aren’t looking very good overall, it’s possible that Apple will delay the launch of the headset until late this fall, when the company is expected to introduce iPhone 15 models as well.