Apple canceled 4 years ago: AirPower project returns

You must remember AirPower. Announced at the same time as the iPhone X in 2017, this accessory was launched as a revolutionary wireless charger that can charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. But the product was shelved …

AirPower You must remember. in 2017 iPhone XAnnounced at the same time as , this accessory is a revolutionary device that can charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. wireless charger was launched. However, the product was shelved and never released.

Apple engineers heat managementThe company launched the AirPower project four years ago because to cancel had to. However, the MacRumors website offers a similar solution. on the long-term roadmapsays it’s in.

AirPower plan in progress

Apple’s AirPower thinking still lingers, and the company is giving a real boost to wireless charging stations from popular accessory makers. offering an alternative He hasn’t given up on the idea. Although it will take years, Apple eventuallywill launch such a product.

With high quality requirements and very strict safety standards, Apple can charge three devices at the same time. will overheat didn’t want to pull out an AirPower. Apparently, the accessory in question can only be high standardswill be able to see the light of day after meeting.