An unusual material for structures on Mars: Potato-based concrete

An unusual material proposal for structures to be built on Mars for use in manned missions: Potato-based concrete.

Scientists at the University of Manchester in England say it could be used to build structures on Mars. They developed a new potato-based concrete called StarCrete.The new material is what scientists say would be easy to replicate on the surface of the Red Planet. It uses a very simple recipe.It’s also worth noting that it’s very different from previous proposals for building structures on Mars.

The definition of StarCrete as a potato-based concrete may raise many questions. About the new invention Open EngineeringAccording to an article published in the journal it just requires potato starch, some salt and extraterrestrial dust.This mix creates a material that scientists say is much stronger than regular concrete.

The idea behind creating potato-based concrete like StarCrete is, It’s based on the goal of utilizing leftover starch from food produced for astronauts living on the Red Planet.Also, because only salt and dust need to be taken from the planet to complete this mix, it will be relatively inexpensive to transport items needed for production and construction to the planet than many other options.

Finding a cheaper and more efficient way to build structures on Mars has been a key focus of many scientists over the past few years, especially as NASA plans a manned mission to Mars in the next 20 years. material like StarCretewhen ready, it could help speed up the idea of ​​establishing a base on Mars as a viable goal.

But there are other concerns that need to be resolved, such as the bone loss that astronauts experience in low or zero gravity.