About being single

I wrote about an ideal topic for these days when weddings are coming together, vacation photos are all honeymoon photos, and the number of single friends is falling to single numbers.

We need to know some important points about being single. These can be briefly listed as follows:
– Singleness means different things for men and women.
– We have a lot of time. We feel like it doesn’t exist, but it really does.
– Being married is not a requirement to be an adult/to be accepted.
– Every age has its own wonders and challenges. No one age is better than another.
– “People who don’t marry die alone.” is a myth. There is no unconditional reality.
– Getting married is not success, not getting married is not failure. Being happy in the situation we are in is a sign of a successful life.
– It is important to understand our need to think about what we expect marriage to bring us.
– It is not easy to separate what we really want from the expectations of society. Doing something just because society says it (too submissive) or not doing it just because they’re saying it (baseless rebelliousness) can make it harder for us to find what we really want.

If we’re having difficulties with being single, the following may do us good:
– Finding out what we need.
– what do we need notto find.
– Not comparing ourselves to others.
– Investing in other relationships.
– To be aware of and benefit from the benefits of being single.
– To meet new people.
– Knowing that we have our own time.

If you want to watch the video I shot on this subject, you can find it in my videos section. Take care of yourselves!