A Spider That Can Live for Decades Has Been Discovered in Australia

A new spider species has been discovered as a result of long-term research in the Australian state of Queensland.

When we think of Australia, most of us think of being a beautiful island country and being far away. the existence of strange and unique creatures living on it will probably come. The last item includes many strange insects, fish, birds, and rare animals such as kangaroos and koalas.

Moreover, as scientists in this big island nation continue to research, new new species not even heard of before They continue to explore. A new one has been added to these discoveries, and a spider species has been discovered that fascinates researchers with its many features.

This new endangered species is a large, long-lived spider species.

Sensitive image for those with arachnophobia

Continuing research for many years and a spider obtained in a sample search in 2021, it was finally determined that the spider is a new species. Spider species determined to be a subspecies of the genus Euoplos. Euoplos dignitasgiven name.

It is stated that this new species can reach a size of about 5 cm, while scientists say that this size can be reached in the genus it is included in. it’s like ‘huge’ says. Some species of ‘trap-door spiders’, including Euoplos dignitas can reach the age of 40While being said, the currently determined lifespan for dignitas is around 20 years.

Unfortunately, the euoplos dignitas species is at high risk. Although a completely harmless species to humans,It is thought that steps such as spraying especially agricultural areas are about to bring the end of the species.