A new patent for “full body tracking” from Apple

New patents indicate that the future of the Apple ecosystem lies in full-body tracking.

AirPodslocated in head tracking feature If that sounds appealing to you, just know that Apple is working to do a lot more than that, enough to get you excited. According to new information, Apple has recently 2 interesting patents published. The iPhone manufacturer explains in these patents how it will perform full body tracking using its existing devices.

One of the patents filed in 2021 is from a head-mounted device capturing inertial sensor data and talking about using it to monitor changes in body posture. For example, detecting all phases when a person sitting in a chair stands up (or vice versa). The patent also talks about tracking the wearer’s head movement relative to the rest of the body.

Another patent applied for in 2022 is by taking data from different wearable devices such as Apple Watch and AirPods, which are worn at the same time. whole body tracking is developing. These devices can be used with compact sensor modules such as an inertial sensor, altimeter and camera that are placed in different parts of the wearer’s body or clothing to “create a distributed sensing system”.

Collected inertial sensor data and viewpoint video data” reconstruct the whole body 2D skeletal model” And ” 3D mesh model of the user’s entire body based on depth dataThese features can be combined with a machine learning model to predict body movements.

So, Apple seems to want to see and analyze in its data processing centers not even where we are and what we are doing in the future, but what is going on in our body and how we are feeling at that moment. Well, don’t you think these developments are as exciting as they are frightening?