Compassion is one of the most universally valuable emotions that has the power to heal both ourselves and those around us.

Compassion is the most basic emotion that has the power to heal both us and those around us, and when we feel it, it first makes ourselves and then others feel happier and better.

When you make it a habit to practice compassion, your relationships become more intimate. Negative emotions begin to subside, your mind becomes quieter, allowing you to receive clearer inner guidance. You become more attractive to people you meet because they can feel your heart. You feel the deep satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to a more loving world.

But how can we develop a sense of compassion in everyday life? We have prepared some tips for you.


Start by practicing self-compassion.
Many of us have harsh internal critics who judge us, humiliate us, and punish us when we make mistakes. As long as you have an inner boss who constantly pushes you for your inevitable flaws, you can’t show compassion when others reveal their humanity.

You can start by practicing self-compassion. With regular meditations you will learn to silence your inner boss when you feel particularly sensitive or regretful. As a result, you will discover that you have a gentler and more nourishing force already living within you, a force that can keep you aligned with your highest self.

Zeynep Selvili Çarmıklı Self – Compassion Break


Put yourself in someone else’s shoes so empathize.
Life is hard, but we all do our best. Everyone we meet or not meet is fighting a hard battle in life, so always try to be kind. If we try to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, our relationships will develop healthier. Thus, we can understand the feelings of the other person. Being able to empathize helps our relationships not only progress but also strengthen; It helps us to be sensitive and respectful to others.

But why should we empathize with ourselves? Being honestly aware of our weaknesses and strengths reminds us of who we are, making us aware of our own identity. Developing your empathy muscles will soften your heart.

Heal your own trauma.
If you hold on to unhealed trauma, you will likely unintentionally traumatize others as well. Just as the abused child grows up to become the abuser, inner turmoil tends to lead to outer turmoil. If you need deep inner healing, enlist the support of a skilled therapist, spiritual counselor or life coach who can facilitate your inner transformation. Compassion becomes a natural feeling when you strive to heal yourself and connect with your soul.

Relax your judgments.
What if we could drop all the binary judgments that label everything right or wrong, good or bad? What if we could instead trust that life is hard and everyone is doing their best? But let’s remind this; Stopping judging others starts with stopping judging yourself.


Listen generously.
A gateway to compassion and another tool for healing; “listening generously”. Most of us don’t really listen. We always interrupt, judge what someone said, or try to correct it. Listening creates a sacred silence. When you listen generously to people, they can hear the truth within themselves. And in the silence of listening you can recognize yourself in everyone. Finally, within and beyond everyone, you can hear the unseen singing softly to yourself and to you.


Practice self care.
To truly show compassion for others, you must first fill yourself up. Such behavior is not selfish; is self care. When you tend to your own needs, you can serve others from a place of love, energy, and abundance. As a result, you feel so good that you want to share your reward with those who need it.


Be in the moment with your whole being.
Try to be completely whole with everyone you meet. Avoid looking at your phone, multitasking, watching the TV during your lunch date, or paying attention to anyone else you’re with. Make eye contact and pay attention to body language. Take a look; Can you really feel what the other person is thinking under the words? When you are truly there, your being has a tendency to be experienced as compassion.

Starting each morning by remembering to be kind to ourselves and others is the most basic act of compassion you can do.

“When you wake up every morning, remember to say to yourself: I am lucky to wake up today too, I have a precious life and I will not waste it, I will use all my energies to improve myself, reach others with my heart, enlighten in a way that will benefit everyone. I will be kind to others and not get angry or think badly about others.”
-Dalai Lama