6 of the most popular custom ROMs for Android!

Android custom ROMs are preferred by many users over original interfaces on their smartphones.

Custom ROMs can qualify as a third-party operating system that replaces the stock ROM on Android phones. Custom ROMs, which change the operating system interface, provide performance increase by eliminating various programs, and make various optimizations on the device, are therefore very popular in the Android world.

The most used Custom ROMs in the Android world

Android ROMs, which are indispensable in the smartphone world, are preferred by many users instead of original interfaces on their phones. There are many options for these systems, which can provide many different changes in phones. We brought together 6 of the most popular custom ROMs.


LineageOS comes across as a highly efficient ROM with minimal additional features. It would not be wrong to say that LineageOS, a high-performance and versatile operating system, takes the lead among custom ROMs.

Pixel Experience

If you want to experience pure Android just like Google’s own Pixel devices, Pixel Experience project is for you. The custom ROM includes all Google apps and Pixel features such as wallpapers, icons, font and boot animation. There is also a ‘Plus’ version of Pixel Experience that offers extra features.

Paranoid Android

With innovative features, a stylish user interface, a revolutionary camera app, Paranoid Android is among the leading custom ROM options. If you want to use pure Android but prefer an aesthetic look, this ROM may be for you.

Evolution X

Another option for those who want a few different customizations besides pure Android is Evolution X. It offers various customizations such as custom ROM, status bar and game mode that comes with Google apps and Pixel elements.


ArrowOS; set out to keep everything simple, clean and tidy. The developers only added a few tweaks on top of AOSP, aiming to deliver smooth performance with better battery life. The result is a lightweight ROM that offers better performance and reliability compared to pure Android.


While OmniROM doesn’t have a huge device list, the project stands out for its stability and some innovative features. The custom ROM can be used on computers such as Raspberry Pi 4 and Khadas VIM3 as well as phones.

In addition to these, there are many more custom ROMs for Android devices. We tried to bring together some of the popular ROMs in the market. So what do you think about Custom ROMs? You can share your views with us in the comments section.