It may be time to end an unhealthy relationship…

Are you in a toxic relationship? Maybe you think you’ve only found the person who haunts your dreams; someone who is educated, honest, and loves everyone… And you are the right person for that person because his exes were people who were somehow to blame for being unstable or for relationships failing.

Well, when you’re in this situation and everything seems rosy to you, maybe you should stop for a moment and consider whether that supposed perfection of the person next to you is fake.

When you look at it from a wider perspective, you may be surrounded by toxic friends, and you may even encounter this situation in your family even if you don’t think about it at all. And you may be constantly looking for the problem in yourself, but when you stop and think about it, maybe it’s not like that at all. Remember that there is such a thing as a healthy relationship! Healthy relationships make people feel happy and peaceful. He understands this when he is with the right person; safe, you feel as if you are at home. But if you are aware of this unhealthy relationship but are afraid of being alone, remember that there is always a way to make new friends.

Remember, too, that sharing life with someone does not mean dedicating your world to that person; you should devote energy to yourself, feel comfortable and spend all your time feeling good. Of course, for people who truly value you…

If you’re ready, we’ll help you understand a toxic relationship. We hope that after reading this you will have the courage to make serious changes in your life!


Selfish and self-centered
He does not empathize and only thinks about his own interests. He acts without thinking about whether his actions are in the best interest of the relationship, tends not to listen, and does not put himself in your shoes. Of course, he has the hardest job, his complaints about the job are endless and he makes sentences that start with “that’s nothing, mine is more serious”.


He is pessimistic and constantly criticizes
He does not see the positive things in life and criticizes every situation. For example, if he has a meeting, he spends most of the day saying, “The meeting will definitely go wrong. If anyone gets fired, it’s me.”


Dissatisfied with the well-being of others
People get angry when they achieve something. He compares himself to others and always looks for faults. And if someone succeeds, they try to belittle it by saying “All fools are lucky” or something similar.


He likes to argue to show that he’s always right
For whatever reason, he constantly tries to argue and always has to have the last word. It tries to exert power over your decisions and create feelings of guilt. After any argument, he tries to show that you started it and it’s your fault.


Constantly reproaches and demands too much
He will constantly remind you of your possible problems and weaknesses, memorize, archive and reveal them whenever he wants. He will constantly exploit you, make demands, and will not respond when you ask for the same things.