5 mistakes women make on a first date

Avoid doing these on the first date or even try to avoid avoidance and not do it at all.

Do your first dates always fail? Can’t see each other again after the first date? If you want to make a strong first impression on the person you like, girls, never make these mistakes.

Not staying away from social media

Take a short break from social media on the first date. While you are speaking, updating your status on Facebook or browsing your friends’ photos on Instagram is interpreted as being bored by the other person. Or you look completely antisocial.

talking about ex girlfriend

Talking about exes is one of the biggest mistakes made on a first date. As you talk about your ex during the conversation, your man will think that you still can’t forget him, and your new relationship will probably end there before it even starts.

constantly talking about yourself

Whether it’s your job, your family life or your personal characteristics… Whatever the subject, don’t just talk about yourself on the first date. Instead of constantly explaining yourself, let your new partner candidate speak and express himself to you in the best way possible. Otherwise, you will appear inconsiderate and self-righteous.

Don’t count calories

Did you know that men love women who eat without counting calories? Take a short break from your diet at the dinner organized by your partner on the first date and enjoy the night. Forget it, if you have to, you will not sleep that night and do sports.

Being very quiet and shy

Being quiet on a first date is just as dangerous as talking excessively and constantly talking about yourself. If you want the person you like to get to know you better, put your shy attitude aside and change the course of the conversation.