3 crimes ChatGPT can help criminals

Artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT suddenly entered our lives and simply added color. But there is also an unseen, dark side. And that’s the potential for services like ChatGPT to help criminals.

ChatGPT was first made available in late 2022 and caused an overnight sensation. But there was also a dark side: As with any new technology that can be abused for criminal purposes, ChatGPT can be used by criminals.

Europol has published a report that ChatGPT can be used for criminal purposes and highlights the ways criminals can use ChatGPT against you.

ChatGPT and similar AI tools can quickly create any kind of content on demand. This can be a post, article, or application code. ChatGPT can generate all this and more according to your wishes. This is where Europol’s report comes into play. The European Union police force has warned that malicious individuals can use ChatGPT to assist in various criminal activities.

Phishing attacks

“The potential exploitation of such AI systems by criminals is depressing, as the capabilities of language models like ChatGPT are being actively improved,” Europol said. “ChatGPT’s ability to generate highly realistic text makes it a useful tool for phishing purposes.” said.

So far, most people have encountered phishing content. These could be banking or an email that looks like it came from Netflix. ChatGPT has the potential to perfect content that looks like it really comes from such companies.

Propaganda and disinformation

ChatGPT can also be used to spread propaganda and disinformation. Europol says ChatGPT can create and disseminate messages that reflect a particular ideology with very little effort. All it takes is to give ChatGPT a set of instructions and have it generate texts that serve such purposes.

Malicious code generation

Finally, Europol highlighted another way criminals can take advantage of ChatGPT’s extensive capabilities. And that’s asking AI to generate malicious code. Even though OpenAI has established security measures to prevent such abuse, ChatGPT can create malicious applications with a set of instructions.