10 behaviors to avoid when meeting your partner’s family for the first time

What to wear when going to meet your girlfriend’s family, ‘I’m going to meet my boyfriend’s family, what should I do?’ His questions can always make us a little nervous, albeit a little. The part of meeting your lover’s family may be more exciting than meeting your lover, be prepared for this. But we will draw your attention to one small point. The things you shouldn’t do on your way to meet your lover’s family are more than the ones you should do. Here we will describe them.

Going with zero knowledge

First of all, the first thing you should do is ask your lover the main details you need to know. Getting information about sensitive family matters (such as divorce, illness, death, separation, etc.) Apart from these, you can learn the interests of your parents and siblings and use the topics you can talk about as main topics to divide the silent times.

wearing uncomfortable clothes

It is best to wear clothes in which you will feel comfortable and confident. Depending on the meeting schedule, you can choose your outfit. For example, jeans and a sweater or shirt depending on the season are a good choice for a weekend breakfast. Or if it’s going to be an evening time date, you can wear a midi-length solid color dress. In fact, the secret is to choose neither too sporty nor too serious a combination. Choose a semi-formal outfit.

go empty handed

If you are invited to your lover’s family on the day you meet for the first time, do not forget to bring a small gift to show that you are a kind and thoughtful person. You can also decide on your gift by consulting your lover. A favorite beverage or chocolate in an elegant box are good and risk-free gift options. It may be perceived as rude to bring a meal that you have prepared for the people you are going to their home for the first time. It will be much more correct to make such gestures from the second meeting.

Asking too specific questions

Excitement can sometimes cause us to be silent and sometimes to talk too much. Prove that you are both a good listener and a warm conversation opener by achieving this balance. You can ask questions that are not too specific. You can ask questions about the photos in the house. Or you can create pleasant conversations about the family’s hometown to get to know them over meals. You can also provide information from your own cuisine and traditions.

talk politics

Even if you have the same ideas as them, do not open political issues, and if they do, do not comment. These types of topics can instantly heat up with a single wrong word to choose from. Who would want this?

More contact

Your girlfriend’s family will want to be sure of your love for her. After all, all they want is the happiness of their children, right? It is best not to initiate the physical movements that will show your love first. Your lover knows much better about behaviors that may disturb his own family. For this reason, let him start the hugs and kisses with his family, not you.

Complain about your girlfriend to her family

Do not complain about your girlfriend to her family. It is very important that you do not do this, even in a joking manner. His family can pave the way for this by saying some things to you. However, in a moment of excitement, your lover’s mess, lack of romance, etc. You don’t want to talk.

Escape from pet at home

If the family has a pet, try to win the hearts of pawed friends too. If you describe yourself as a dog person but the family owns a cat, be careful not to engage in restless behavior. You may seem hostile.

Be late

If you really don’t have a valid reason, being late for a meeting will lead to some not-so-pleasant opinions about you. Rest assured, being late isn’t cool either. Only the person in front of you will lose your credit.

Making careless choices when eating out

With the excitement of the first date, you should stay away from foods that you will have difficulty eating. None of us want spaghetti oil splashes on our clothes, do we? By making healthier choices, you will both keep your stomach comfortable and you will not have any regrets. A salad with tuna or cheese can be good choices.